Ease Yourself From After Workout Pains

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To maintain those perfect abs and get your leg muscles toned, you hit out at gym religiously working out for 1-2 hours daily.
And if you wanna burn fat and calories it's all the more intensive than usual, leading to pains, muscle cramps and sores inflicting injuries of future which may be harmful if not cared upon.

Thus, here are some advices to follow with those often-painful gym sessions if you don't want to suffer for long

1. If you feel side-pains while lifting a heavy weight fumble, if you feel excruciating pain in the lower edge of your ribcage, please don't avoid it, rather press that area with hands and try to inhale and exhale slowly.

Reduce the intensity of workout as soon as possible or it may get you stitches.

2. Never try to percorm exercise just after eating a meal: For it may lead to stomach cramps. Eat a banana before meal to let your body absorb nutrients.
If you have had a heavy meal, wait for two-three hours before burning off the calories.

3. Stay hydrated: Muscle cramps are a common complain of the workout-bearers. They occur when one loses excess sweat in form of sodium and potassium, thus body gets dehydrated if it is not fuelled with enough water and energy drinks. Drink enough water before gym sessions.

4. Don't forget to warm-up: 10-15 minutes of warm-up sessions are a must to go by or you may suffer from body cramps or stiffness. Or that extra load for long time may result in tearing of ligaments. Warm-up helps in gradual increase in body temperature and muscle elasticity.

5. Relax and walk: If you experience sharp pains in muscle-specific workouts, then you must take some time to sit and relax for 15-20 minutes and if still that pain persists, resist from further exertion and take a walk roundabout, or otherwise it may take a toll on your health